Abigayle Marks

U.S. Army Veteran, Cloud Architect, Board Member, Coronet48


U.S. Army Veteran and seasoned Cloud Professional with a deep-rooted passion for blockchain and emerging technology. As a servant leader, she educated 800+ students at the non-profit Cloud Heroes Africa on cloud architecture, blockchain, DeFi, FinTech, and Web3 concepts.

As a Board Member at Coronet48, an initiative by Coronet Blockchain, she empowers startup founders through media features and social media outreach. The Coronet48platform annually features 1,000 Africa-focused startups by spotlighting success stories& their founders, creating an impact in their communities.

She is a recent alumna of the DLT Talents program at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. DLT Talents fosters leadership in the blockchain, crypto assets, and DLT space, empowering ambitious female talents. She is passionate about leveraging digital assets to enable the world to move value like it moves information today.

Abigayle is a Cloud Architect at Go Cloud Careers, an educational organization focused on cloud computing technologies. The organization provides cloud computing training for individuals looking to become cloud architects, AWS or Google Cloud Architects. Students receive assistance to obtain cloud architect certifications and develop practical and deep knowledge of the cloud.

Her career history is saturated with numerous noteworthy leadership andtechnology-based achievements. She believes in collective power and wants to seeothers grow.Despite her achievements and keen ability to lead the pack, her fiery passion foremerging technology is ignited by its transformative power. As a calculated risk-takerand daredevil of great intellect, she is unafraid to go the distance and motivate others tofollow their dreams.