Dr. Anino Emuwa

Founder & Managing Director, Avandis Consulting

Conference Speaker

Dr Anino Emuwa is the founder of Avandis Consulting, a France based strategy and financial advisory firm providing consultancy services to entrepreneurs and business leaders. She started out her career in corporate banking with Citibank and has extensive research experience in financing SMEs. Anino is an experienced NED and is a member of the global Advisory board of UK’s 20-first and sits on the board of DCSL Corporate Services Limited. She is a member of the Grant Advisory Committee of the Sustainable and Inclusive Digital Financial Services initiative at the Lagos Business School which is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation.

Dr Emuwa is a global women’s business leadership expert and convenes several communities for women including Africa Women CEOs Network and Women@Davos. She organised the first International Women Business Leaders Networking event in Davos during the World Economic Forum in January 2020. Anino is an international public speaker on entrepreneurship, women’s business leadership, innovation and hosts an on-going virtual event- the Women CEOs Roundtable.

Anino is a coach and mentor for Cartier Women’s Initiative, University of Cambridge Judge Business School’s EnterpriseWOMEN programme, and a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor Alumni. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, UK and Institute of Directors, London. Anino received her Doctorate in Business Administration from Nottingham Business School where she is now an alumni fellow. She also holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and a BSc Economics from the London School of Economics. She was recognised this year as one of the 100 Most Inspiring Women Advancing Equality in Africa by Leading Ladies Africa.