Oyenike Oyedele

President, Chevron Women’s Employee Network (Nigeria Chapter)


Oyenike has had an interesting career working across three globally reputable organizations. With short stints in manufacturing at Procter and Gamble and in banking at First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, before commencing her current 15-year career in Chevron Nigeria, the breadth and depth of her professional experience is rare amongst her peers.  In her Oil and Gas journey, she has occupied a plethora of roles including currently leading all Chevron Nigeria’s production optimization and energy optimization initiatives; delivering several successful behemoth projects (one of which was Chevron Nigeria’s largest Major Capital Project within the 2015 – 2020 execution era); leading engagements with various government parastatals including NNPC (NAPIMS), NUPRC and NCDMB; developing Business Unit Annual Financial Plans and Business Continuity Plans; and championing audits as part of the company’s Operational Excellence Management Process.

In testament of her influence and credibility within Chevron Nigeria Mid-Africa Business Unit, aside from her primary responsibilities, Nike also currently occupies the roles of President of the Chevron Women’s Employee Network Nigeria Mid-Africa Chapter and Chevron Nigeria Mid-Africa Agile Project Management Coach. She had also previously held the role of Global Director for Mentoring and Career Development for Chevron Corporation’s new employees’ network. Outside of work, she currently also holds the position of Secretary for the INSEAD Nigeria Alumni Association

Nike has a rare bouquet of talents ranging from voice impressions to poetry writing, and an equally rare basket of interests from crime shows to Formula 1 Racing. She commits a large part of her spare time to coordinating community outreach projects and mentoring young students and graduates, most of whom are former trainees under Chevron’s various internship programs.