Renée Q. Boateng

CEO, Renée Q Ltd

Conference Speaker

Renée Q. Boateng is a dynamic Transformational Coach and an astute thought leader whose mission is simple – to beckon the best out of every person she meets. She offers specialized training, coaching, mentoring and seminars on Personal Branding, Self-Development and Confidence.

From her noteworthy corporate career with Gillette UK and Zenith Bank (Ghana) Ltd. to boldly stepping out into the world of entrepreneurship to launch one exponential endeavor after the next in fashion and beauty, she has leveraged the power of her personal brand to influence, impact and increase her access to extraordinary opportunities.

Having worked intimately with professionals for over a decade, Renée realizes that success is far too often hindered not by a lack of potential, but by a lack of presence. She believes that empowering people and giving them a nurturing environment are important foundations for making life meaningful. Her explosion of energy and custom designed initiatives are a soul-stirring experience that will keep any audience engaged and focused. At the end of any time spent with her, Renée empowers you to own any room you enter.

Constantly seeking ways to inspire others, and having been through it herself, she founded, “Butterflies and Pearls”, from divine inspiration; a movement that encourages and supports mothers in waiting.

A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Renée embodies an empathetic approach in her message and presentation style. Outspoken, fiery, transparent, truthful, and open, she is a living testament to the value in life’s valleys and the power of acts of thoughtfulness.

Renée is a trailblazer in every sense of the word – a rare talent of godly wisdom, relationship brilliance and unwavering optimism.